Etsy find of the day!

Look! Isn't it adorable????? Ok so this necklace come from one of my favorite Etsy shops.
This Dainty Bow Necklace is an adorable and simple necklace offered by westergard11. I have been eyeballing it for a while since I made my last etsy purchase.
I would recommend checking out the other stuff in her shop as well. I have made two purchases through her and both have been shipped very quickly and are great pieces.


Etsy find of the day!

So even though I absolutly despise facial hair, I loveeee mustache anything and today on Etsy I found a neat and simple Black and Gold Mustache Keying!
Black on onside, gold on the other, this keyring is full of cuteness.
And don't worry if you like blondes or brunettes check out the shop because they are also available in those colors.
Now I must admit I was torn between this keyring and another, so I went to my brother for advice. However, coming in a close second to todays find was the Bacon is my friend Vinyl Vegan keyring from the same seller.

Cute and kinda morbid...

I see these calendars every year, I seen planners, I see books, I see everything. I always make a point to buy it then never do. Its the Bunny Suicide Calendar.

The cute little doodles of bunnies killing themselves will make you go "Awwww," and "Ohhh..." at the same time.

I have seen this calendar at Barnes and Noble and Borders. It is also available online at sites like Amazon.com. Currently it is sold out on Amazon for the 2010 calender, but its 4 months away I am sure it will be available before then.


(Another) Etsy find of the day!

So, I was searching for tomorrows Etsy find, and I thought this necklace was so cute I couldn't wait til tomorrow to post it

This Pink and Pearl Dahlia Necklace would look great paired with a simple scoop neck top and skirt for a great casual look with some funky jewelry.

The shop also offers several other types of jewelry and necklaces similar to this one, except with different flowers. I would definantly say to check it out!

Etsy find of the day!

I love Etsy. If I had the time or patience to make stuff I would sooo use Etsy to sell it.
My plan is to post a Etsy find every day, and the first find is.....
Hedgehog Sling Bag!
This simple tote is cute (of course), and something simple to carry books, laptops, or anything you may need. I personally always use totes at school (college), because I can switch out stuff for my next class quickly, and they are usually washable.
Anyway, back to the Hedgehog bag. The little hedgehog holding the flower is so cute I just wanna cuddle with it, and who wouldn't?
It also comes in a variety of colors and for $25 dollars is a great deal!

So check it out and check out the rest of the sellers shop!

Stay Cute!

One of my personal favorite websites for cute stuff would have to be Fredflare.com. They offer everything from books to clothes, and all of it goes along with their Stay Cute motto.
Some of my personal favorites are pictured here, including ruffled Kerri mini dress, sparkling toothy earrings, USB tulip hub, cupcake bandages, smiley face cup and forget me knot ring.

I can also say that Fred Flare shipping is pretty darn quick, I got my package just 3 days after ordering. Also, always check the homepage out, they often offer free shipping or some other fantastic deal.

Hi <3

Well, my name is Alaina and I am a college student. I spend way more time on the internet then anyone should, and while I surf the web I manage to find cute stuff everywhere.
I decided I needed someplace to show off this stuff and let other people know. So here it is!

Pink Sherbet!